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Elliot Norton

A native of the Midwest, Elliot was fascinated by movies from an early age. His first memories are of waiting in line outside of theaters or sitting in his house's darkened basement re-watching Tim Burton's Batman. As he grew older, he became determined to tell stories of his own. His instinct led him to theater, becoming a regular director and board member of Lewis and Clark Theatre in South Dakota. Later, he helped create LowerGentry Studios with Chuck and Zoe - specializing in local indie cinema. He believes the future of independent film is in regionalism. Like the local brewery or theater troupe, every urban area across the country will have their own movie house, playing distinct films that can be found nowhere else. Contact Elliot

Chuck Norton

Chuck became enamored with independent film during the summer of 2003 while living in an apartment complex three blocks away from the now defunct Varsity Theatre in Des Moines, Iowa. Movies like The Station Agent, Touching the Void, and City of God were a refreshing departure from the action driven Matrix, X-Men, and Batman blockbusters. His passion for independent filmmaking came to a head when he teamed up with Elliot and Zoë to form LowerGentry Studios. He now aids in story creation, as well as contributing his ear to sound design and score composition. Contact Chuck

Zoë Kelly

Zoë Kelly began acting in 1998 at the Mother Lode Theater in Butte, MT. Her notable onstage appearances include Columbia in Rocky Horror, Hermia in Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Glenda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz. She was voted "Best Actress" by the 2016 i48 film festival for her performance in the short film Continued Loyalty and "Best Performer" at the 2017 Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival for her portrayal of Judy in feature film Brown Truck (2015). Zoë starred in Xane: The Vampire God (2017) & Canyon County (2018) in Boise, ID. Contact Zoë